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christian louboutin outlet store in September 2011 won the clothing industry Star of Entrepreneurship and many other honors. 2007 is responsible for the singer Xu Qianya 's debut album MTV in the clothing design design, will be a unique combination of modern and national style performance of the head. 2008-2010 for the LUCY brand to do eight quarters of brand research and development, by the vast number of Consumers recognized. 2011-2012 with the French designer LINDA for her home service brand created a lot of elegant work. Since the child has been in accordance with the depth of understanding of customers and markets, combined with their own insight on the trend trend of Sensitive, in a development of apparel products, has a strong advantage. Products not only have the appearance of beauty and comfort of the United States, the more focus on products to bring a wide range of female friends wearing the way. Designer: Mark Booth No: B7 September 1993 - July 1995, studied at the Tianjin Textile Institute christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet of Fashion Design in July 1999 in Shenzhen International Fashion Festival 'Classic Story' Cup International Clothing Competition Excellence Award in October 1999 Shenzhen 'Emerald' Cup International Casual Wear Invitational Silver 2009 created in Shanghai Motu Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of double-sided hand, the main wool, cashmere women 's fashion double-sided design, development and production of the manufacturer. Designers: Liu Bin Yan, Gong Jiajing Booth number: B13 a close to the natural state 'Perhaps you can get this brand from the fake cloth to find the most real feelings. Two girls come out from the mountains, because the same pursuit of a Simple and natural life and come together to create a They close to nature, love life, respect for life; they are noisy life in the search for a quiet and restrained, not forget the ordinary among the original heart. Life is to enjoy the nature Itself to bring the share of happiness, but the distortion of the nature of life discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet but also to take the resources, but simply, warm to live, live out of the natural state of life Designer: Shang Wenyu Booth number: B17 in fashion design Work for 10 years, has served as UR, Europe when the force Ochirly and other well-known clothing brand design and management work .2013 founded the personal clothing studio and personal clothing brand 5.W.5W is What.Where.Why.Who .When Where, why, and who together is Evan pursuit of a philosophy of life and brand culture. Designer: Zeng Zhe Rui Jerry Booth No .: Zeng Zherui, the name of the person, B142010 graduated from the University of Durham, England ( After graduation has served as UR, Ochirly brand designer .2012 started as Lipprint brand design director .2014 'original creative original master' s brand ZengZherui. March 2015 has just been named Carven (Carven) Artistic Director Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud, today suddenly came the outgoing message. In the Iceberg served as creative director of Alexis and worked discount christian louboutin