Introducing the latest color innovation from TOHO BEADS: Glow in the Dark

TOHO BEADS Glow in the DarkOne does not have to compromise elegance to have some fun when the lights go out. TOHO Glow in the Dark seed beads come in six crystal-clear colors that serve a dual purpose of glamour and glow. This quality collection of colorless glass seed beads adds sparkle and sophistication to formal jewelry and attire, but transform in the dark to reveal an intense blue or green glow.

An additional six vibrant colors are available in the Glow in the Dark collection from TOHO Beads. All 12 colors are available in size 8/0 and 11/0 rounds.

TOHO BEADS Glow in the Dark

TOHO PermaFinish Beads

TOHO Beads Co. Ltd. proudly presents PermaFinish™. PermaFinish (PF) beads provide durability for long-lasting color. First appearing in 2005 as ‘Permanent Finish’, these high-quality beads have been very popular. PermaFinish beads feature a protective coating that helps prevent fading, scratching, and tarnishing. Available in over 60 colors including Silver-Lined, Ceylon, and Galvanized.

Toggle Necklace by Pamm Horbit featuring PermaFinish colors of Aiko Precision Cut Cylinder Beads.

TOHO Beads PermaFinish Colors—Toggle Necklace by Pamm Horbit