The “Spectrum of Joy” 2020 TOHO® Mini Challenge

“Color is the radiance of light traveling through and bouncing off of everything on the physical plane. Just as the light of day changes—from the soft hues of dawn to the brightness of midday and then as twilight settles into shadows—I find joy in all the many different hues of colors as they dance, glow, and change throughout the day. I have been very inspired by many summertime gardens and the feeling of joy they have brought to me, and I want to bring them with me all year long. I hope you, too, will find joy using these many different colors and finishes of TOHO beads and Starman Czech beads—blend the full spectrum of colors together and bring your creative visions to life!”
–Rochelle Peterson

Facebook Mini-Challenge photo album coming soon!

Mini-Starter Kits are obtained at some bead shows, such as the 2020 To Bead True Blue Tucson Show or 2020 Bead & Button Show (more details coming soon!). If you’re unable to attend but would like to participate in this year’s Challenge, we encourage all designers and artists to purchase the beads in the Challenge from their favorite local bead stores or online retailers.

Remember, create an original design in the medium of your choice using the TOHO seed beads and Czech glass beads listed in the 2020 Challenge palette.

2020 TOHO Challenge Color Palette:

TOHO Seed Bead Color Numbers:
#306FM Frosted Shamrock-Lined Jonquil
#306 Shamrock-Lined Jonquil
#461 Higher-Metallic Grape
#PF590 PermaFinish-Galvanized Yellow Gold
#PF590F PermaFinish-Matte Galvanized Yellow Gold
#PF2109 PermaFinish-Translucent Silver-Lined Jonquil
#252FM Frosted Royal Purple-Lined Aqua
#779 Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Salmon-Lined
#779FM (#779F) Frosted Salmon-Lined Crystal Rainbow
#979 Luminous Neon Pink-Lined Lt. Topaz
#958 Inside-Color Hyacinth/Siam-Lined
#82 Metallic Nebula
#936 Dark Lilac-Lined Crystal
#507 Higher-Metallic Iris Green
#935 Inside-Color Crystal/Wisteria-Lined

Starman Czech Glass Bead Colors:
Iris Lemon (LR81000)
Polychrome – Olive Mauve (94103)
Chatoyant – Red (29717AL)
Luster Iris – Hyacinth (LR9004)
Dual Coated Fuchsia-Lemon (48001)

TOHO One-G Thread (Recommended Colors):
PT-9 Yellow
PT-11 Purple
PT-12 Green
PT-15 Orange

If you’re a retailer that would like to stock up on these beads and colors for interested customers wanting to participate in the Challenge, please be sure to visit Bobby Bead and Starman Beads.

Rules for Mini Starter Kit and project submissions:

  • You are strongly encouraged to use at least some of each color in the kit to create one eye-catching display piece.
  • You are allowed to use more of the same TOHO and Starman Czech beads that we have provided in the kit, as well as any additional TOHO bead shapes or Starman Czech bead shapes of your choice in any of the exact color numbers on the list. Find more beads in the color palette at your favorite local bead shop or online retailer.
  • No other seed beads or Czech beads may be used!
  • You can add one Focal item of your choice, such as one single pendant or cabochon. For example, a strand of stones (or any other beads not listed above) does not qualify as one
  • You can use any clasp, findings, backing, threads, and fibers—but make sure they stay within the challenge color palette and are used sparingly.
  • Your design does not need to be garden themed; gardens were simply Rochelle Peterson’s inspiration for the color palette.

Send photos of your completed design to:

TOHOChallenge@TeamTOHO.net or message us on TeamTOHO Facebook page and we’ll feature your design on our social media sites. Send us a photo by August 14, 2020 and you may be chosen for Featured Designer opportunities in the future.